Generating Perl Package Module

gen_pm is shell tool for generating Perl package.

Developed in bash code: 100%.

gen_pm shell checker

The README is used to introduce the tool and provide instructions on how to install the tool, any machine dependencies it may have and any other information that should be provided before the tool is installed.

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Navigate to release page download and extract release archive.

To install gen_pm type the following:

tar xvzf gen_pm-x.y.tar.gz
cd gen_pm-x.y
cp -R ~/sh_tool/bin/   /root/scripts/gen_pm/ver.x.y/
cp -R ~/sh_tool/conf/  /root/scripts/gen_pm/ver.x.y/
cp -R ~/sh_tool/log/   /root/scripts/gen_pm/ver.x.y/

alt tag

Or You can use docker to create image/container.

gen_pm docker checker


# Create symlink for shell tool
ln -s /root/scripts/gen_pm/ver.x.y/bin/ /root/bin/gen_pm

# Setting PATH
export PATH=${PATH}:/root/bin/

# Generating Perl package
gen_pm SimplePlTool


gen_pm requires next modules and libraries:

Shell tool structure

gen_pm is based on MOP.

Code structure:

├── bin/
│   └──
├── conf/
│   ├── gen_pm.cfg
│   └── gen_pm_util.cfg
└── log/
    └── gen_pm.log


Documentation Status

More documentation and info at:

License: GPL v3 License

Copyright (C) 2016 by

gen_pm is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Bash itself, either Bash version 4.2.47 or, at your option, any later version of Bash 4 you may have available.

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